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Farmers & Merchants Bank offers a variety of accounts, products and services to suit your specific financial needs. Please select any of the options below to learn more:

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Cash Management

Need more time to manage your business? We can help, with our convenient cash management service offered exclusively to Farmers & Merchants Bank business customers.

Cash Management goes beyond traditional banking services. It gives businesses the tools they need to easily control payments, manage payroll, speed collections, reconcile accounts, and manage funds more efficiently. Cash Management services can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

The following Cash Management services are provided as a bundled package:

Debit customer accounts for payment

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment or receipt streamlines your accounts receivables and/or payables process by electronically charging your customers’ or vendors’ account.

Transfer funds between financial institutions

Wire transfer is the most expedient method for transferring funds between your Farmers & Merchants Bank account and other banks.

Business Visa® Check Card Program

ATM/Debit Business Visa® Check Card is a safe and convenient way to accesses funds directly from your Farmers & Merchants Bank Business Checking account.

  • Obtain any number of cards for your employees
  • Assign individual debit card limits and functions to authorized employees
  • Secure way to pay recurring monthly business expenses
  • Your business name is on the card
  • Use your card almost anywhere Visa® is accepted
  • Make ATM cash withdrawals at any Star® ATM
  • Receive free ATM cash withdrawals through the Freedom ATM Alliance network

Offer Direct Deposit

Cash management makes it easy to start offering direct deposit or switch from your current provider. Payroll direct deposit provides the ability to offer direct deposit to your employees.

How does direct deposit Work?

Direct deposit works by debiting the business account and electronically transferring money into the employee’s bank account. The employee does not have to bank at the same institution as the employer.

What are the benefits of direct deposit?

There are numerous benefits of direct deposit, some of which are the cost savings to a business.

  • Instead of ordering and writing costly checks, you can electronically transfer money to your employee’s bank account and save on postage.
  • Security - Payments made by direct deposit cannot be lost, misplaced, stolen or forged.
  • Reduces the risk of fraud - Payment is deposited directly into the employee's account.
  • Control of funds - You control the date of withdrawal from your business account, so you will always know the date the money is deposited into your employee's account

View your bank account online

Cash Management is fully integrated with Net Banker–Online Banking and allows individual user IDs with selective account access and functions.

  • Check your account balance
  • Review your daily transactions
  • View your check images
  • Apply stop payments
  • Transfer funds
  • Print your statements

Save on postage, checks, and other stationary materials

Online BillPayer eliminates the time and hassle associated with preparing and mailing monthly payments.

  • Pay anyone, any amount, anytime from our secure website:
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of writing out bills, checks, and envelopes
  • Save on postage and costly business checks
  • Set-up one time or recurring payments
  • Eliminate late fees by never missing a payment
  • Send money to anyone in the United States

Download your account transactions to most accounting software programs.

Receive free personal on-site set up and continuous assistance by calling 724-548-9229.

How do I get started?

A professionally trained staff member is available to walk you through the entire process.

  1. Call 724-548-9229 to discuss how cash management can benefit your business.
  2. An on-site demonstration and evaluation of cash management is available at no cost.
  3. Go live with the assistance of a professionally trained staff member.
  4. Enjoy the time and cost savings of cash management!
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